12 August 2006

Fun with Lists

All hail the list! From Letterman's Top Ten to Five Questions on The Daily Show (before Jon, kids... there was TDS before Jon. Seriously. Quit looking at me like I just said we used to ride around in zepplins in the eighties), I love me some lists. And now you can love you some lists, too, everyday, thanks to the internets. All lists were required to make fluids fly from my nostrils in order to be included here. Rest assured.

McSweeney's lists made fiery hot coffee fly out of my nose Tuesday morning at work last week. Painful, but ohhhhh so good.

5ives is a man with a mission, and that mission inlcudes making diet coke shoot from my nose Wednesday, 3.32pm. Right onto the keyboard.

These various and sundry lists didn't make it until I read the one about Star Wars and Pants. I, too am disturbed by your lack of pants. Diet coke, 8.55am, right onto the new shirt. Yeah, I drink a lot of diet coke. I like my water to be chemically induced. That's how I roll.

Buh-Bye, now.


MB said...

Here's another one for you, detailing ways in which the US is NOT number 1:

Ar-Jew-Tino said...

He's wrong: Shakira's hips totally lie AND are amazing poached egg makers.