29 January 2007

Blah blah blah following the rules.

There was this really annoying post on some other blog about bicyclists and how it is ÜBER important for bicyclists to follow the traffic laws to the T. Really, I mean, no one wants cyclists to go careening around a corner at fifty miles an hour, lose control and kill a bus load of children. Oh wait, that only works with SUVs.

I understand that cyclists should follow the rules of the road. Not just because it is simple SELF-PRESERVATION, but because we all have to share the road. If I run a red light and get hit, well, that was a pretty stupid move. But if there is no one coming, really, what does it matter? Unclear to this humble bicycle peddler, but it seems to strike a nerve with the general populace. So let me let you in on a secret world: Why do bicyclists get away with not waiting until the red lights change or doing a rolling stop at a four way? Who cares? If you get hit by a bicycle, your car gets scratched and the bicyclist goes to the hospital to have his legs put into casts. So shut up car drivers. If you want to run red lights then get a bike. Your fat ass could use some exercise.


Last Minute Lyn said...

yeah, what he said.

Coach said...

as a pedestrian (who NEVER EVER EVER NEVER jaywalks*), bicyclists terrify me more than cars. I can't explain it. maybe because if I'm hit by a car that's running a red light, I won't remember it because of my coma. But if a cyclist hits me while running a red light, then I know it will hurt really really bad.

So I dont know... cyclists bother me because some (not all) seem to want it both ways-- to be treated as bike or as a car when it suits them. If they want to hold up traffic cycling down rock creek park in spandex, fine, but that doesnt mean they get to zoom thru a redlight and play the pedestrain card.

*total lie