28 February 2007

No, London Bridge is Standing Quite Nicely, Thank you.

The last three hours have been spent learning about Arabic possessive pronouns. Much like rabbits who have discovered beer, they seem to procreate before my very eyes. So tonight's post shall be more visual. Picture pages, if you will. Ready, Mortimer Ichabod? I thought so.

The boyfriend and I went to London last week to visit a friend. I love vacation. Now I hate work worse than ever. Here's why:
Have you been dead for the last five years? Because this is what the Internet is. A series of tubes. Duh. Actually, this is a kick ass exhibit at the Tate Modern in London. It's art, except it's also an amusement park ride. I think more art should be like this. You know, ridable.Also, they were overwhelming for certain boyfriends and friends. Pictured on the left, is boyfriend. On the right, is Englishguy. We met him riding horses in China. The horses had gas, and seeing as flatulence is constantly funny, without interruption, we all had a good time and became fast friends.
If the British could be scary or menacing in any way, this would be the gang sign for Westminster, where Parliament is. I mean, bless their hearts they try, but really. It just isn't happening. When I open a bakery I will name it CakeMinster. And there will be gang signs. I'm glad cultures mix. Who would have thought that Chinese lanterns and double decker buses would look so good together?
I did. That's why I took the picture. Jesus people, pay attention.

This is half of badger in the east hemisphere, and half of the badger in the western hemisphere, the rocking-est hemisphere of them all. Word.
This is N. She and boyfriend are pretending they both like cunnilingus. It is hilarious because neither of them do.
They would both prefer to ride to tube with me to COCKFOSTERS. I love London. Mind the gap.
Thanks London Underground!

Drinking is fun. Thanks Englishguy! Remember America: more pubs, fewer kindergartens. It's the way forward.

Seriously tired now. More later.


Public Masturbation said...

Awesome Pics, made me miss London. I do have one quibble though. That's the Grenwich Mean Time Line, not the Hemispheric Line. The Hemisphere line actually runs through DC (24th Street).

The King said...

Uhhhh, wrong my sexy cat-picture-having-friend. Unless of course Republicans changed this wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Meridian) , which could have happened. They don't like that the world is round.

Public Masturbation said...

Hmmm, maybe I should have checked the intertubes more closely. http://www.kittytours.org/thatman2/search.asp?subject=139



Either way, Both London and DC rock, and neither really makes sense as the place to put a hemispheric line (how about through greenland somewhere?)

The Republicans have mostly been staying away from wikipedia since they developed their own truthiness site:


Coach said...

G'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie! Maybe a Dingo ate your baby!

katastrophe said...

Thanks for the leggings
love always,
Klutzy McTripplerson

Princess Amber said...

I would've thought it would be the US who first tried to convince us that amusement park rides are art - who has the most freaking over rated theme parks in the whole world? That's right.

I think our friend N might need a hair cut. We'll have to talk it over. And I like what you've done with English Guy; did you take him on another queer eye mission? Needless to say, both of my boyfriends look fine. Just fine. Happily, I'll be able to tell you that to your beautiful b-glassesed face very very soon.


Princess Amber said...

Also note, that as someone who is ON HOLIDAYS, I concur, they rock.

And you have my full backing for this CakeMinister venture. I will take up the challenge of single handedly eating enough delicious pasties and other baked treats of your creation to keep your business afloat for at least a year. No question.