26 March 2007

D is for Dallas, is good enough for Me.

I'm on my way to the big D, and I mean Dallas. Am attending a
conference on, wait for it: fundraising. Be still my beating heart.
But, I won't scoff at free tickets and a swank hotel room. Tonight I
get to see my good friend T who has been helping to maintain sanity
since university- we are splitting a totally crappy hotel room in
Dallas and will be persuing the 'bars for boys' section of El Dallaso.
I have been informed that it is All Texas Bear Roundup, so expect
tales of big sweaty guys in leather vests. Yeeeehaw!

Also, I am expecting that a great part of this conference will be
physically revulsive: people networking their way across the ugly
ballroom carpet, big fake laughs all around. The snarky part of my
brain can hardly contain itself. The other Midwestern part of my
brain reminds me that I came to this conference voluntarily.

Whatever, Brain. Shut up. We're here for the nachos and margaritas
and big hair. Let's never forget that.


Coach said...

The great thing about Texas.... Mark Dalton.

If you don't know who he is, Google his name for pics and you'll see why.