06 June 2007

I, Hypocrite.

Sometimes, when I am tired, I ride my bike through a busy part of town after work and I judge people. Everyone else is crap because I ride my bike, and no one else does. All those drivers, cutting each other off and blocking up the streets. I shake my head in mock disgust, I the enviromentalist kick-ass guy, and everyone else monsters who hate the earth. Then, because everyone else is stuck in traffic, I weave in and out, demonstrating the superiority of me, both morally and in my mode of transit.

Then I ride two more blocks and take the bus home.


Anonymous said...

Quit scowling at me, you ass.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

Smart cyclist. Those busses will kill you.

Princess Amber said...

Badger! Your Highness! The link to your latest post post doesn't work... Fix it, damn it.