27 July 2007


Flip up sunglasses make me look totally cool. Don't deny it. You want me.

Oh, THE BEACH! Tanned and bronzed, we returned. It was fantastic. It was seven days of waking up late, Wawa sandwiches for breakfast (the amazingness of Wawa can not be overstated), sandy butts, cold, salty water, and beers in the late afternoon light. I have to admit, I love me a week down by the shore. New Jersey was also awesome. Atlantic City is trashy. People have horrible (or should I say HAAAARiball) accents. We ate a lot of water ice (sort of a cross between a snow cone and a gelato, weird, but delicious). I'm ready for another week.


MB said...

Did you photoshop that beach? Where are all the washed up syringes?