27 July 2007

New York- Now with Summertime Smell!

New York smells like burning shit, tastes delicious, and makes me feel provincial. It's like a bad relationship. But yet every time I go, I have a great time. J and I stayed with an old friend, R., who I normally only see every three years or so, but always have an awesome time as if we haven't ever been apart. She is as insane as I remember, and I wouldn't have her any other way. Thanks R!

Also, she knew me in highschool, when we were both weird beyond belief.

Modern Art makes me stupider.

If God were a DJ, he would require that all dance floors would blink, a la Saturday Night Fever.

My temple. Whatever, so cheese doesn't promise everlasting redemption. It is just so very delicious.


MB said...

Who says cheese doesn't provide everlasting redemption? I invite you to join my church: La Iglesia del Queso Fundido!

I tried to rent one of those dance floors once. It was like $16,000. Boooooooooooo.

Princess Amber said...

It seems that seeing the name of that shop will forever conjour the stench of the cheese we had to hang outside the door. Sweet Baby Cheese that got so nasty so quickly! What was he thinking?


HRH King Friday XIII said...

Not fair. I want to dance on a blinking dance floor. :(