05 November 2007

MOVEMBER UPDATE: Ladies A'Flocking

Dollars Raised: Not Enough. Click Here.
Children Scared: More Than Plenty.
Ladies A'Flocking: Fewer Than Estimated.


Elisa said...

Oh! Oh! I'll flock! (tee hee, that sounds dirty!)

HRH King Friday XIII said...

seriously, you look really good without your glasses.

MB said...

While I am enjoying everyone's lack of facial hair, I have to wonder the significane of the moustache. Wouldn't shaving your ass be more appropriate for prostate cancer? I guess those pictures wouldn't be appropriate for blog updates however.

Spit Up said...

Must be longer, more bushy, before my money starts flying to you!! That almost just looks like dirty face.

Princess Amber said...

"Ladies 'a flocking" makes me think of that 12 days of Christmas song which, I think, includes the line, "x geese a' laying", and therefore, I found myself trying to fit the rest of your blog into the same melody. Results to date are middling at best.

Grow on, Starshine.