13 May 2008

Engineering by the Gays

Our apartment was assaulted by the rain this weekend. No, not rain. A monsoon. Of Indian proportions. I felt like we needed a wedding to qualify for this type of deluge.

And our apartment is worse for the wear. A lot of water decided to come through the window casement and pour all over the floor. Hurray! I was at work, so J. had to do some emergency rigging to keep the water off of our precious and ever-soluble Ikea furniture. Seriously, I fear that our Poang chair would melt into a pile of paste if we let it moisten. J. did a fantastic job using nothing but trash bags, blue painter's tape, towels, and some buckets. Impressive.

Art posing as Form.

And as a reward, now begins a long process of repair in which builders will demolish the front wall of our apartment and mess up our beautiful paint job, while simultaneously forcing us to live in a cloud of plaster dust. Excellent!

How much do we REALLY need to fix this? Can't we just ignore it? You know, throw a towel over it or something?


MB said...

I don't get it. My house always looks like that. I thought it was normal?

english guy said...

Now perhaps I'm being stupid here, but I was under the impression that the whole point of a window is to provide you with a natural-light-providing outlet to the wider world which simultaneously prevents vast quantities of rain pouring into your living room and dissolving your Ikea 'Lampenschampen LittySchadder' methingymebob.

Apparently, this is now too much to ask.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I have EXACTLY the same set up in our kitchen and office, though mine features the white plastic garbage bags held together by painter's tape funneling into a bucket sitting on a step ladder.

I agree: if we're going to have to put up with this kind of household catastrophe, the least they can allow us to do is be married! Sheesh.