13 May 2008

Management is as management does.

So, at work, I am not officially in charge of anything yet.  Nothing.  I am doing the in-charge kind of work, but there has been no announcement.  Nor any sort of uniform change.  I feel I should get a special hat.  Or a star.  I think I am supposed to be wearing a black apron, but I don't know where to get one and it feels sort of showy, and also I am the sort of person who wears power lightly.  Or not at all!  Since, and don't tell anyone this, I have never been anyone's boss.  Ok, so full disclosure:  I used to be in charge of a lot of things that needed to happen, and people had to do them for me, but no one ever worked for me.  And now people do.  And today I learned why people bitch about having employees.

So, I am the only one in the kitchen who speaks Spanish at a sort-of-approaching-useful level.  Everyone else yells out verbs in the first person and then follows them up with English.  Which creates directions that would confuse even the most intrepid of linguists.  Seriously, what would you do if your boss yelled "And I cut for the potato into the future!"  You would weep.  That's what.

Today, one guy was very concerned about his vacation pay.  And someone else wanted to know if their sister's friend could come in and start being a dishwasher.  And another guy wanted me to fix his paycheck problem.  And the thing is?  I don't know what to do about any of these things.  So I just translated, and realized that being in the middle of other peoples problems sucks, because you have to be the face of bad news to two parties in a matter that you don't care at all about.  Not even in the least.

Sigh.  Pasama otra cerveza, porfa.  La merezco.


MB said...

Yeah...uhh...you're gonna need to talk to the folks in payroll about that. And I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday. And also Sunday.