14 May 2008

Other People Are Having a Much Better Time

I am supposed to be in New York. I was driving up with my friend MB. We were going to watch Jon Stewart. And eat food! And go to the restaurant supply district! But then, my boss's wife decided to have a baby. So now I am watching Top Chef after my 14 hour work day and feeling bitchy. So this guy I know, the DK, makes this sound when he is unimpressed with life. It's sounds like a sad duck. He calls it Indignant Duck. That is the noise I am making now. Mahhhh!


echidna girl said...

Perhaps this will cheer you up:


The King said...

Oh, this TOTALLY makes me feel better! Crank that sauce with Mango JUIIIIIIIICE!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

I sometimes make the Indignant Duck sound during sex. Or maybe that's Orgasmic Duck?